Youth Work Ireland Meath LGBT Youth Support Service

Youth Work Ireland Meath (YWIM) is continuing the implementation of a youth (under 18s) LGBT support service. Identified as a group which had no support services available in the county, the aim is to provide a safe space where LGBT teens can socialise, take part in a series of programmes aimed at their needs and access information in a safe and secure setting.

From the initial launch in 2014 the group has seen its membership grow from 7 to over 100 as of  2017.

We work with the members in determining how the group moves forward. As a result we have had various different workshops and speakers in with us over the months. From Eagala Horse therapy, Make Up Artistry and helpline information to inter service projects like Halloween and Christmas activities. The LGBT group has formed a strong sense of belonging within their own peer group and other friends as well as confidence building and being a positive contributor to their communities.  

The group has grown essentially through word of mouth. We have placed information in schools as well as advertised through our Facebook page and have received a number of email inquiries this way. One key point is access to the service. We are aware of the difficulties of young people outside of the Navan area and in rural parts of the county in coming into the group. It is a desire of the group to be able to expand to these regions either through the setting up of other support groups or finding a way of hosting groups in different locations.

The main response from the group is one of satisfaction and happiness at having a space where they are comfortable and encouraged to be themselves. To socialise with a peer group in a safe environment has benefitted them in school and in their family lives.

For more information you can contact Youth Work Ireland Meath on 046 9093402, through email at or through our FB page:

  Youth Work Ireland Meath St. Mary's Church Grounds, Trimgate St, Navan, Co Meath